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We welcome our new transitional Pastor and his wife, Ed & Elaine Jump.  

              When I began as Transitional Pastor, I knew that the church was grieving over the loss of a beloved Pastor.  So we began with listening groups so the grief and anxiety about the future could be processed.  At the conclusion of each listening group, I asked if the church has a vision of the future.  Talk of a family life center quickly became the topic of discussion.  I learned that this had been talked about for the last several years.

    The Deacons voted to bring the discussion to the church in a business meeting.  They received permission from the church to explore the possibilities of building a family life center.  The process would include pulling together a team to guide us forward.

    I contacted Alan Folsom from Georgia Baptist to come and evaluate our church facilities.  Alan met with several Deacons and members of our Building and Grounds Committee. 

    Folsom, a Facilities Consultant, informed us that we lacked sufficient Sunday School space and that our worship center was at maximum capacity.

    He also made us aware that we need to be reaching young marrieds because we have a deficient outreach to this group of ages 20 - 40.

    Alan Folsom’s recommendation brought a sense of urgency to our need for a building that would meet our future needs for growth as a church.

    Because we are a strong community of faith, it seems appropriate that we would invite our members to help us discern the vision God has for our church.  Sign-up sheets are available for you to participate in small groups to bring ideas on how a new building can best be used to be an evangelistic and mission tool of our church.  Available dates are Sundays April 8 and 15 and Wednesdays April 11 and 18. 

    The groups are small so we can maximize the value of our time together. 

    May God enlarge our hearts to reach the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Sign up today!

 - Pastor Ed