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We welcome our  transitional Pastor and his wife, Ed & Elaine Jump.  

What is the condition of your heart?  This is always a good question.  Recently, I took a stress test to determine the condition of my heart.  The report wasn’t good.  I had major blockages and needed 3 stents to enable my heart to do its work.


The scripture teaches us many things about the heart.  The unredeemed heart is “desperately wicked”.  The Word tells us to “guard your heart with all  diligence.”  The heart represents the core of our being.  David is identified as “a man after God’s own heart.”  He had a heart for God.  Do you have a heart for God and the characteristics that God values?


There are many things that can occupy our hearts:  pleasure, wealth, things, science, learning, power, influence, etc.  The list is almost endless.


But God -- your Creator, your Redeemer, the Giver of life with all of its splendor -- says “I made you and redeemed you out of pure love” -- how do you respond to that?


If your response is not “to love God with all of your heart”, then there are areas in your life that have not yet been redeemed.  What are you holding on to?