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We welcome our new transitional Pastor and his wife, Ed & Elaine Jump.  

           I once heard a story of a little boy who was awakened in the night by a thunderstorm and cried out in fright.  His mother rushed to his side and stayed with him until the storm had passed and he had quieted down.  As the mother stood up to go back to her bedroom, he insisted that she stay with him the rest of the night.  She answered, “There is no need for that.  The storm is over and besides, God is here with you to protect you.”  To which the son retorted, “I know God is here, but I want someone with skin on his face.”


        That’s what Christmas is!  God reveals Himself with skin on His face -- Jesus!  He makes God real, accessible and knowable.


        May God be especially real to you and your family this Christmas! 


        Have a blessed Christmas!


Pastor Ed and Elaine Jump