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Dear Faith Family,

             Recently I watched a hilarious video on the internet. It was a flight attendant on a plane that wanted to spice up the instructions they give to anyone on the plane -- things like “no smoking in the bathroom”, “watch for the fasten seat belt sign,” and “locate the exits.” The video also talked about if air pressure in the cabin drops a mask will drop from the ceiling that will give you oxygen. The instructions on any flight is to first put your mask on before putting on someone else's mask. Now at first this sounds selfish. Doesn't the Bible tell us to help out others first? The reality is if we do not put on the mask first, we will pass out and won't be helpful to anyone. In our walk with the Lord, sometimes we are guilty of helping others find their "spiritual mask" before we put on our own. Our relationship with God needs to come first before we can lead anyone else with their walk. This is something I need to work on. Truthfully we all do.

September is going to be a great month for The Tribe. We will be starting a new series on friendship and we will have a chance to participate in See You At the Pole. This is a gathering of students to pray for their teachers, school, and nation. We will be teaming with Summit Students to host an event called See You After the Pole. Students will have a chance to bring their friends to hear about Jesus, all while having fun in the McConnell gym. 

Continue to pray for our students! I have been encouraged with our new 6th grade students that were recently drafted. They are participating and enjoying youth group. It truly is a pleasure to serve at Macedonia! 


Many thanks,

Pastor Bradley 



 Pastor Bradley & Ashley Thomas

Kinsley, Teagan & Abraham