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 Dear Faith family,


             We blinked and now 2018 is gone. With 2018 in the books we can look to 2019 with eagerness and excitement. With two youth Sundays, one great mission trip, and multiple salvations, 2018 was a great year! 


             This past year has been a wonderful time with the youth. In January, we went to Strength to Stand Conference. We had multiple youth come to know the Lord or renew their faith. It was great to see. In the spring time we started making plans to go to Kentucky for a mission trip. We teamed with New Union Baptist Church and made preparations to head north. We divided the youth from both churches into three groups. The first was a basketball ministry. Each day a camp was provided for local children, and at night a basketball tournament was held for local youth. The next group was the campus improvement team. This crew gave back by doing various projects on the campus, including one or two small projects in the community. Our final team was the outreach team. I was the leader for this group and God really blessed our group.


Over the fall I once again had the privilege to serve as team chaplain for the Towns County football team. What a great opportunity to get to know some great young men and ladies from the school!


This winter we had our annual Christmas party and raised over $460 for Compassion International. This money will be used to spread the Gospel while helping others. A cleft pallet surgery will be given to a child, chickens will be provided for a family, a water system given to a family, and a Bible booklet will be given all in the name of Jesus. 


Looking to 2019 we have so much to be excited about. As Pastor Ed told us this past Sunday, (thanks a bunch by the way to Pastor Ed for his leadership in 2018 during this time of transition) "I am confident we will have a new pastor in the coming year." We have been in prayer for this man and God is going to bless us with an awesome pastor, teacher, and friend.


We are currently praying about another mission trip this summer. In February, newlyweds Beau and Katie Kelley will be leading our "Valentines day service." The youth really look up to this young couple and I am excited to see what lesson they will co-present. 


I leave you with just a few pictures from last year. Please pray for us in 2019. We have so much to accomplish with these teenagers while we have them. We want them to be well prepared for the "real world" by the time they exit the group. Thank you for the privilege of serving as your Associate and Youth Pastor here at Macedonia Baptist Church!  - Pastor Bradley Thomas






 Pastor Bradley & Ashley Thomas

Kinsley, Teagan & Abraham