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Dear Faith Family,

             I ask you all to be in prayer for Texas. Hurricane Harvey has taken it’s toll on the “Lone Star” state.  So far 20 deaths and 52 inches of rain have been recorded. You can go online and see many images of damage and destruction.

             A couple that I graduated high school with that live in Texas gave this testimony online: “Only by the Grace and Hand of God did we make it out of Houston today. I have never prayed so hard in my life; I literally had to close my eyes at times. We are in Alabama now, headed HOME to Georgia. But I must say Houston, Texas has quickly become HOME to us. Chad and I began our life as Husband and Wife here, he and Clay built a thriving business here, we gave birth to our first baby here, and we are building our first home here. My heart breaks for Houston. We were one of the lucky ones. So many have lost so much, if not everything. When the rain finally stops, this is far from over. Please pray for Houston!”

It is hard to imagine so much rain in an area known for being dry and humid. But when there are disasters, Georgia Baptists will be there with the Disaster Relief team. Homeland Security named Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief as one of the best organizations to donate to. All funds designated go directly to help those in need. Talk about accountability — 100% of funds will be going to help without any of the overhead other organizations require.  

Here are some statements from GBCDR:

• This disaster is already larger and has affected more homes than Katrina. Twenty deaths so far have been reported.
• At this point, the only ones allowed in the areas are military with high clearance vehicles. 
• Louisiana is starting evacuations in Lake Charles as Harvey heads that way with continued rains. 
• Texas anticipates not being able to receive units until at least next week. 
• When we deploy, normal call-out procedures will be followed.

So what can we do? The first thing to do is pray! Next as a church we need to consider how we can help donate. I am glad to report that our Dorcas Sewing ministry sent items that they made to Texas. We are thankful for this ministry within our church that does a great work. We can also stay informed. To stay informed, like their Facebook page at

He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be answered. Proverbs 21:13 Let us not turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to these people.


 - Pastor Bradley

 Pastor Bradley & Ashley Thomas

Kinsley, Teagan & Abraham